Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What does my package fee pay for?
A) The package fee pays for my style, time and talent during the sessions, postproduction work, your private online galleries, and your session online features.

Q) When will my photo be ready?
A) Your images will be available for viewing on your private web gallery within 4 weeks. Final print order will be within 1-2 weeks.

Q) How can I see the photos from the photo shoot?
A) After your photo shoot session I will prepare the best photos and submit them to your photo gallery on my website. You will then receive an email notification containing your login details so you can view your photos for the shoot and share them with your friends and family.

Q) Are the photos on my disc going to be edited?
A) Yes! The photos you receive will be fully edited without logo and ready to print. They are not straight out of the camera files. What you see in your gallery is what will be on your disc.

Q) So does that mean I will own the copyright for my photos?
A) Not exactly. What we give you is a license to print your photos anywhere, anytime. Shan Fisher Photography retains copyright to all photos. Your license does not include permission to sell, modify or enter your photos into any contests or commercial work. Let me know if you have any more copyright questions!