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I've looked at the 'Spotlight' photography in the past and I really think this has the potential of topping it all! I can't wait to see how it all comes out! You're a true star Shan, Thanks for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you and the magazine wouldn't have looked NEARLY as nice!
Tom Shore - Spotlight Editor, QUAD magazine
Shan we LOVE the photos! Wow fantastic! Everyone who has seen them says they never seen such good photos. We are really impressed with your work. Look forward to getting the proof book. Thank you!
Katie & Matt
Hi Shan, fabulous, fabulous photos of Katie and Matt's wedding. Well done to you!! Absolutely brilliant! Many thanks Shan and once again you did an absolutely splendid job and I know Katie and Matthew are absolutely thrilled.
Christine Prisk, Katie's Mum
Hi Shan! A very big Thank You for the beautiful work you have done for me. The Boudoir photo shoot for my boyfriend was amazing and he absolutely adores the photos. Very sexy and elegant - this is what he thinks. I think a big part of the success is due to the way you made me feel confortable and confident. I look forward to the next photo session with you. Thank you again for the wonderful photo shoot! This is the best present I could give to my love. All the best!
Anastasiya Dimitrova
A truly exceptional and amazing photo shoot and photos that bought out our love and happiness together. It means so much for our engagement, very impressive!
Yvonne & Raymond
Thank you so much for the photographs of the event. You did such a wonderful job!
Tanya Popeau, Black History Event, RHUL
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